Your online, no touch digital QR code menu can be available in just a few minutes!


Simple to use for you and your customers

With no extra-installs required, no PDF downloads or uploads your menu is always "fresh" for your customers.

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    Add your place

    Create your account and add your place details by logging in to our platform using the Google or Facebook login.

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    Add your menus

    Add your menus, categories and items. You can show your prices in your local currency and you can easily update them.

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    Print your codes

    Print your QR codes and get your digital menu to your customers in no-time.

Our ready to use features

Your menu comes with a number of features in its free version!

Free online digital menu

Free QR code

Up to 3 menus

Unlimited categories

Unlimited items per category

A variety of options for your items

Easy item and price updates

Prices in your local currency

Adjust the theme and color of your menu New

Personalise your menu with a photo of your place New