Online Menu and Distanced ordering

The distanced ordering service is a simple and free to use Online Menu and Ordering service for your in-store operations that allows your customers to place their orders instantly without coming to close contact. Speed up your operations, reduce contact and offer a safer level of service by allowing your customers to message you their orders and requests from their Internet-connected devices.

Simple and easy

Simplicity is our main focus. That’s why neither you nor your customers need to install an application. Just set up your menu and you are ready to go.

Free to use

It is free to use, both for you and your customers. There are no upfront nor ongoing costs and you don’t need to handle your payments through us.

Customer friendly

Designed for the non-tech-savvy user, the customer scans the QR Code or visits to enter their code, then places their order.

Try it out!

Use your mobile phone

Using your mobile phone you can scan the QR code and place a test order as one of our customers!

Feature bundles

The good news is our 2 starter feature bundles are both free!
New features are being worked on but if there is something that you need let us know.

Online menu Free Menu & Ordering Fee
QR code
Unlimited categories
Unlimited items
Local currency prices
Vegan / Vegetarian options
Email support
Unlimited orders
Orders per spot
Receive additional requests
Receive details per item ordered
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